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Supreme Customer Engagement

People and businesses still believe that creating personalized content is difficult, that for a truly personalized magazines or newsletters they need too much information to exploit. While 90% of all incoming communication is considered spam, there is still information not utilized and customers out there that are looking for your products or services..

 addictive comm

Addictive Communication

In order to be efficient and effective your communication should represent a true value for recipients and address issues such as... what content is important for them, what they would select themselves to read, which offers they are really interested in, what navigation capabilities and user experience better suit them, and so on..


Everything Out-of-the-box

Increase TTM (Time to Market) by designing, executing, put-into-production complex cross-media campaigns within hours. No development is required as all the features are supported out-of-the-box. No need for Database expert or Sys Admin neither as the required data schema will be automagically created for you. Click here for the full feature list.

Business Applications

Below are some of the usages for which our clients are using segmatiX

Happy Partners and Clients

We're Trusted by Handsome Customers Served by Happy Partners.
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With segmatix, the SAAS version of PIC, we gave to our customers a fast ability to implement innovative communication.

Christos Damalas CEO MSPS
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The out-of-the-box features of this platform, increases our ability to run even more complex cross-media campaigns (Crosswork Campaigns).

Joakim Törnqvist, Co-Founder Propan

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